Mechanics of Golf: 5 No-Brainers to Improve Your Game

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assistant golf pro at La CostaGuest Blogger Series: Today’s post is written by La Costa Resort’s Assistant Golf Pro, Nick Carlson. Nick joined the La Costa golf team in November 2012 from TPC of Boston golf course in Norton, MA. Originally from Chandler, AZ, Nick has been golfing since age 12. He’s currently working on his PGA books.

There are always technical tweaks a golfer can make to improve his game. And over time, practice will make almost perfect. But, it’s easy to forget the easiest, and sometimes most obvious, ways to play better: by paying more attention to your body than your golf equipment. Much like a car’s performance is directly affected by its mechanics, your game depends greatly on the care you put into your body. So, next time you tee off, check off these 5  no-brainer tips to improving your golf game.

La Costa breakfast1) Fuel Up: Provide your engine the proper fuel before your round. From the moment you wake up, begin with a hearty breakfast, like oatmeal or a couple of eggs and toast. On your way out, grab some fruit and juices to keep your body fully nourished all day. 

2) Tune Up: Stretching is the single most important activity you can do before hitting balls. Even if you only have 10 minutes before your tee time, use those precious couple minutes to stretch your body, and make stretching a part of your routine every day – whether you’re golfing or not.

golf swing3) Check the Fluids: Drink LOTS of water. Hydrating your muscles is key, not only for longevity and fighting fatigue, but also to avoid dehydration. When you think you’ve had enough water, drink some more, as in one full cup of water every three hours.

4) Torque Control: While on the course, always swing 80%.  Swinging in control increases consistency and that is the ultimate goal of the game. Take a little extra club and swing easier. This takes care of your body and will help your scorecard.

5) Keep your body on Cruise Control: Steady wins the race. Snack while you are playing, but do not eat big meals. Keeping your energy and nutrition levels up is key to scoring well and playing your best.

What tips do you recommend to fellow golfers. Leave your tips in the comments.

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