Chopra Center’s Awaken to Happiness Series

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Awaken to Happiness Registration
The Chopra Center, headquartered at La Costa, is offering free access to its 8-week Awaken to Happiness online series. This series will focus to help reclaim the bliss and peace that are essential for discovering happiness.

Based on Deepak Chopra’s best-selling books Spiritual Solutions and The Ultimate Happiness Prescription, the 8-week online series will be a journey to rejuvenate your inner joy. The series will explore guided meditations, Ayurvedic practices, yoga and more following a lesson plan designed to find the heart of happiness.

With happiness being the most worthy goal, here’s the pathway created to uncover it:ChopraCenter_8x5 300dpi

Week 1: Identify Your True Source of Happiness
Week 2: Tune into Your Body’s Wisdom
Week 3: Discover Authentic Self-Esteem
Week 4: Detoxify Your Life
Week 5: Open Your Heart
Week 6: Cultivate the Gifts of Mindfulness
Week 7: Replace Fear with Love
Week 8: Celebrate!

Registration is available here: until August 3rd. Sign up today and embark on the path to true happiness.

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