Dreaming about Druzies – Marcia Moran gems sparkle at La Costa Resort

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During the holidays we showed a selection of sweaters, handbags and jewelry in our own La Costa gift guide and since then we’ve had quite a few inquiries about one particular product that  sparked with readers – our collection of Marcia Moran rings featuring the druzy stone.

We thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to follow up and provide the story behind these glittery gems. To get the lowdown, we enlisted the help of one of our own, Pinkalicious’s Laura Bull. Laura knows the ins and outs of all the products in the La Costa Marketplace, so for any questions while on property, be sure to stop in and say hello.

Marcia Moran jewel designs started because Marcia was importing Brazilian Jewelry designs and started to create her own. As a native of Brazil, she was always inspired by fashion and jewelry. Though she was once a dentist, and opened her own practice, she knew her passion for fashion was always going to come first. In 2003 she moved to LA to make the dream come true by working with different Brazilian designers, building her creative expressions, and using her talent to create innovative styles.

Ove time, Marcia began creating her own styles, and is now known for eye-catching, contemporary pieces. Her jewelry is either brushed 18k gold or rhodium-plated metals, complimented by stunning semi-precious stones.

Druzy or “drusies” form on other stones after water evaporates and minerals are left behind.  Depending on the mineral, drusies can be almost any color of the rainbow from black, blue, pink or silver.  When they are removed from the original stone, they are cut, and the rough surface remains giving a nice sparkle of color, and unique edge.

While I’d like to explain the perfection beind the pieces, the people behind Marcia Moran explain it best:

“As a bridge between the spectacular resources of Brazil and the world of fashionable women who enjoy extraordinary pieces, Marcia’s Jewelry helps women look fabulous, but not fancy…feel rich, yet reasonable….dress spectacularly, yet still simple.”

These beauties can spruce up any outfit and for those looking for the perfect time to purchase, we have a Marketplace-wide event taking place  now through January 27, our “Deals for Dollars” event. Here are the details:

  • spend $100 and receive $20 off your purchase
  • spend $250 to receive $50 off your purchase
  • spend $500 and receve $150 off your purchase

Additional details apply and all our Marketplace employees are looking forward to greeting you at the shops! Stop into Audrey’s Etc to see which color druzy you’d like to don – Valentine’s Day is coming up…

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