Falconry and Birds of Prey Classes at Omni La Costa

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We are pleased to announce our newest summer programs here at Omni La Costa. Through these programs, we hope to educate our guests and provide a memorable experience unique to our resort. Classes can be scheduled through the Concierge here at the resort.

Falconry Class: An Intro to An Ancient Art

Guests will be fascinated as they get up close & very personal with several species of birds of prey during this amazing experience. You will learn how to become a true falconer, to take a wild bird of prey and turn him/her into a companion.  We will cover the history of falconry, how to relate with a raptor, socialization, feeding, health, training, equipment…  Students will have the opportunity to take pictures with the birds, so bring your camera.

Fee: $70/ person, max 8 students, 1.5 hour class + photo session

Saturday- 10:00 am

Sunday: 2:00 pm


Birds of Prey Class

Guests will be mesmerized seeing hawks, falcons and owls, as you have never seen them before. Participants will see these amazing raptors in free flight, learn the differences/similarities, be amazed to learn facts such as; a) birds of prey have wide angle and telephoto vision, b) owls flight is silent, c) what raptors are in your  backyard…  The stunning beauty of these aerial predators will be an experience of a life time!! Bring your camera, after class we will have a photo session.

Fee: $50/ person, max 16 students, 1 hour class + photo session

Saturday- 2:00 pm

Sunday- 10:00 am


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