#LaCostaLiveWell Challenge: Day 10

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Get your body moving! It's one of the most important keys to growing younger and living longer. #LaCostaLiveWell #resolutions @chopracenter @omnilacosta

Moving your body and enjoying regular physical activity is one of the most important keys to growing younger and living longer.

Three Benefits:

1) Exercise has a powerful positive effect on many of the biomarkers of aging, including muscle mass, strength, bone density, aerobic capacity and cholesterol
2) Not only does exercise keep the body young, it also keeps the mind vital, increasing the brain’s ability to learn, adapt and perform other cognitive tasks
3) Decreases symptons of depression and anxiety

A complete fitness program includes exercises to develop flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning and strength training. Find an aerobic activity you can do regularly – three to four sessions each week for twenty to thirty minutes is usually enough to give you substantial benefits. After your body is warmed up, spend five to ten minutes stretching. You will also want to include strength training in your program to systematically exercise the major muscle groups of your body.

Deepak Chopra, M.D. headquartered out of Omni La Costa Resort & Spa specializes in wellbeingLaCostaLiveWell Tip courtesy of Deepak Chopra, M.D., Chopra Center Co-Founder
Known as the global source for learning meditation, yoga and Ayurveda, the Chopra Center has taught thousands of people the timeless tools and healing principles for nurturing their own health, restoring balance, and creating greater joy and fulfillment in their lives.

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