LPGA Kia Classic Golf Pros Provide La Costa Members Golf Tips

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This week is an exciting one for us here at La Costa – our beautiful (and legendary) South Course is home to the 2012 LPGA KIA Classic. Walking the property, you’ll notice a frenzy of activity, lots of beautiful, brand new Kias (anyone looking for a new car?), and most importantly a roster of talented pro athletes working their way around the course.

We were honored (okay, we were really giddy) to host a couple specialized exclusive events where our members were invited to sip, dine and mingle with the pros. On Monday, we met SoCal’s own Ryann O’Toole as she signed autographs, took pictures and spent the evening getting to know our members.

On Tuesday afternoon, Belen Mozo joined our members for an exclusive training session on how to improve your putting skills. Below is a video of Belen expressing how important it is to remain patient when putting and how playing “Around the World” is a great exercise to improve your putt. What was her most important tip to improving your putting skills – get a putter that fits! “Most of the time you get caught up in the stroke… But to me it’s really important to have the club fitted. People don’t realize how important it is to have a putter made for yourself.” There you go, folks! Get your clubs fitted, learn some patience and get out on the green.

We’d like to thank Ryann O’Toole, Belen Mozo and all the players that have been so gracious to our members, guests, visitors and employees during their stay here at La Costa. Good luck to all the LPGA players! We’ll be tuning in to see who takes home the 2012 LPGA Kia Classic title. Keep checking back here for more video tips from Ms. Belen Mozo.

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