Mermaid Beach Hair by La Costa Stylist, Steven McLaughlin

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We’ve shared quite a few posts about our spa services here at La Costa but haven’t yet touched on the extensive beauty skills our team has at The Salon at La Costa. Located inside the Spa at La Costa, our staff of talented stylists offer visitors everything from a daring, new and versatile look, to a simple trim, up-do or consultation, nail care and makeup.

To best showcase our offerings, we enlisted the help of senior stylist, Steven McLaughlin who worked his magic on model, Dana Ward. Having styled hundreds of men and women, Steven’s been at La Costa since January 2010.

What’s the inspiration for this style?

Steven: Mermaid – Dana came straight from the beach – she literally still had sand in her hair.

Where is the best place to flaunt this beautiful style?

Steven: When creating this, I had an evening engagement party in mind – I pictured the party to be held at an outdoor venue at the beach.

What attire would complement this style (or vice versa)?

Steven: I was picturing a blueish-silver metallic dress with a square neckline featuring thin spaghetti straps. Jewelry would have to be subtle to play up the hair. I’d recommend diamond studs and if the client wanted to dress it up with a necklace, a thin-chained, medium-length necklace would be perfect.

Does this style work with every hair type?

Steven: It works with most hair types – given that the length is there for longer, draping curls. Dana has blond highlights which gives the look more texture and her hair (which she has a lot of) is almost to her waist.

What’s the preparation for a style like this?

Steven: When styling hair, I find it easiest to work with what I call “second-day hair.” There’s more traction when you allow for the natural oils in your hair to come out, plus it stays put easier.. Dana had come from the beach and the sand actually helped keep the style in place.

What products are used for this up-do?

Steven: We use Eufora hair products here at La Costa and for this style I used spray wax, a little bit of hair spray and polished it off with Illuminate Shine Mist to give the style an overall shimmer (just like a mermaid). For the draping curls, I used a 1 1/4 inch curling iron and to keep it all in place, I used my trusty pins.

How easy is this style to recreate?

With the proper products, hair type and enough pins, it really is very easy to recreate. The total time it took me to create this was 45 minutes – but remember Dana has a lot of hair. As long as it’s done in sections, it’s quite easy.

What advice would you give for clients that come to see you specifically?

Great question. My biggest tip: Try to be you, not someone else. When clients make appointments or come in for a style, I always prefer to know where they’re going for the evening and what their dress looks like – rather than to have an image of a celebrity they’d like to look like . I find both of us are always more pleased with the end result when the inspiration comes from those two elements.

Steven is fantastic with all hair types, colors and styles. To book an appointment with him, call the salon at: 760.438.0551 and continue to check back here for more style tips, tricks and pics!

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