Morels, Fava Beans and Red Carrots Among Spring Stars in BlueFire Grill

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Yesterday kicked off the beginning of Sustainable Seafood Week here in San Diego, where we celebrate the practice of “harvesting and/or producing seafood in a manner that minimizes bycath and impacts on surrounding ecosystems, while maintaining or creating economic viability for those who depend on the industry.” Here at BlueFire, this is a cause close to our hearts – and one that we practice not only in the seafood we serve, but in all ingredients we incorporate into the delicious and healthy meals we serve at our three dining outlets.

In addition to our on-property composting efforts, where we’ve successfully input approximately 40 pounds of homemade compost a day into our very own herb garden (keeping 180,000 pounds of food by-products out of landfills a year), we use herbs we grow on property in our dishes, and partner with all local farmers to ensure freshness in our dishes, business for our neighbors, and offer the highest quality food to our BlueFire dining guests.

We stopped into BlueFire Grill to meet briefly with Chef Greg Frey Jr. to see what types of ingredients we can expect to taste in our dishes in the upcoming months. Among those include “the poor man’s truffle,” the Morel Mushroom, red carrots and fava beans. See below for our quick video with Chef where he tells us what dishes these ingredients work best in.

What’s your favorite Spring/Summer fruit or vegetable? Write us in the comments and we’ll tap chef to provide a recipe using some of your favorite ingredients.

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