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mini dessert from La Costa Resort

Insider Secrets is a new series we’ll be sharing on our blog. Here at La Costa Resort and Spa, we have experts in any field you can think of. From golf and tennis, beauty and wellness, food and beverage, weddings, party hosting and decor, gardening and much more, we know our stuff. Leave a comment on our blog if there’s a certain industry secret you’re dying to know, and we’ll plan to cover it for you.

la costa pastry chefToday’s Insider Secret comes from our Pastry Chef, Jaimie Hileman.

Ever wonder how Pastry Chefs can cut all those mini cakes and pastries in  perfect little squares? The trick is to flash freeze the complete pastry. Then measure out and cut with a warm knife, cleaning the knife after each cut.

How about how our cupcakes are all the perfect uniform size? I use an ice cream scoop to portion the batter out into each muffin cup.

And Voila! Your dessert will be delicious and beautiful!

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