Planning the Perfect Proposal: An Engagement She’ll Remember

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In the midst of this glittery, magical time of year, we all know it’s not just the Christmas lights that sparkle during the holidays…it’s the diamond rings slipped onto thousands of fingers around the world. Here at La Costa, with the beautiful backdrop of legendary golf courses and San Diego hills beyond, surrounded with pops of color from flowers and music sung by birds, we know romance.

In addition to our team, we have another secret weapon when it comes to planning THE perfect proposal – a portfolio of wedding and romance experts. And if you’re one of the lucky ones to have found love, we’ve put together the following insider tips from the San Diego engagement pros on how to get her to say “yes!”

“Make it very personal to you as a couple. Being thoughtful and planning the small details is a great way to melt her heart. In choosing the location, take her to a place which has a significant or beautiful memory attached to it for you as a couple. The presentation should also be personal to you two. Instead of getting the usual box, get a stylish and elegant one, then take time to get down on one knee and be a traditionalist in this moment. She will love that you took the time to make sure that everything is perfectly personal!” – Jaime Geffen, YourBASH!

“First of all, know your soon-to-be-bride well. Pick a setting that fits her (private vs. public, simple vs. extravagant). Every girl loves to be surprised! Go the extra mile to make it romantic and meaningful. It is a moment that you both will remember forever.” – Andrea Reznichek, A Diamond Celebration

“Play up the holiday season and try one of these ideas: 1) Set out an advent calendar and fill fun little items behind each door, yet have one of those doors have the ring behind it so she is delightfully excited and surprised! 2) Give her a clear ornament with the rind inside and ‘Will you marry me?’ engraved with the date on the ornament. 3) Walk her through Christmas lights and at one home, have ‘Will you marry me?’ written out in lights.” – Merilee Hennings, EverAfterEvents

Was your wedding proposal perfect? Have you heard stories or come up with your own idea of the perfect engagement?  We’d love to hear it! Please share in the comments section below.

And when the time comes to plan your big San Diego Wedding day, be sure to reach out to our own, Robin Naluai for advice and a request for a proposal.

*Thank you to our wonderful friends who helped us put this post together. For any engagement or wedding needs, we highly recommend these folks:
Robin Naluai, La Costa Resort and Spa, Contact Robin
Jaime Geffen, YourBASH! Contact Jaime

Andrea Reznichek, A Diamond Celebration, Contact Andrea

Merilee Hennings, EverAfter Events, Contact Merilee

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